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sheltiesperform's Journal

Shelties Perform!
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The community for performance Shelties!

Welcome to Shelties Perform! We are the LJ Community dedicated solely to this wonderful, versatile breed - the Shetland Sheepdog! Feel free to share brags, stories, pictures, websites -- anything SHELTIE RELATED.

- Play nice! Any bashing of other members or their dogs may result in banning from the community.
- All links must be SHELTIE RELATED and kid-friendly.
- Members must have a love for the Sheltie, and an interest in pursuing at least one venue. While we do love pet-only Shelties, this community is geared toward those active in a dog sport(s).
- Discussions on upcoming events (must be SHELTIE RELATED), training methods, etc. are allowed as long as these discussions remain CIVIL!