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Jan. 13th, 2008



Knock Knock!

Just wanted to pop in, and wish everyone a happy 2008! Hopefully we can make this community as active as possible in the new year- please promote to anyone interested in Shelties in performance! Feel free to post any training news, brags, dog show news, and the like- we want to hear about YOUR performing Sheltie!
-Shayne, one of your friendly mods :-)

Aug. 16th, 2007

Unicorn - Last Unicorn: Glow



Hello fellow Sheltie lovers. :)

I am the proud owner of a 1 year old Sheltie. I haven't started performing with him yet but, when he's old enough, I plan on doing Agility and, probably, Obedience with him. While I wait for him to be old enough to begin Agility training without risk to his joints, I'm enrolling him in obedience classes and working toward a CGC.

On the advice of one of my obedience trainers, I've started walking Edan through the rungs of a ladder to (in her words) "teach him where his hind legs are". It was also suggested that I could start working on Weave Polls and Tunnels with him because they are low to the ground and don't involve jumps.

I'm open to any advice people with much more experience than me in these areas.

About my Shelite:
Name: Casia's Pistol Pete "Edan"
Color: Mahogany Sable
DOB: 17-Aug-2006
Training for CGC
Goal: Agility and Obedience competition.

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Aug. 12th, 2007



Welcome new members!

Welcome to our new members! Monica, thank you for introducing yourself, we would love it if the rest of our new members would as well. I know, I know...I haven't even done it myself, but I will as soon as possible! Please spread the word about this community to anyone with working Shelties!


(no subject)

Hi. My name is Monica. I'm a 24 year old teacher in Florida. I currently have one Sheltie, and am possibly waiting on another.

Titus Nkosi "Titus"
Tri-color male
DOB: 5/22/06
Training in Obedience
Specializes in Therapy work.

Aug. 7th, 2007



Welcome to the new community! Feel free to introduce yourselves and your dog(s) -- just please put large pictures under a lj-cut to save dial-up users. :)

Guess I'll go first with the introductions. I'm Jenn, and I'm from central Indiana. I have 3 (and a half) Shelties, as well as 2 cats. I'm a student at Ball State (majoring in Telecommunications) and I teach agility classes at Agility Dreams in Muncie, IN.

The Shelties
Just Do It Cowboy CD NA NAJ CGC "Dewy"
Birthday: Sept 11, 2002
Sable Merle male
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McMitchell Rio Bravo CGC "Rio"
Birthday: Oct 24, 2003
Sable male
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Faerie Magic Touch PT AX AXJ CGC "Merlin"
Birthday: Sept 7, 2004
Sable male
Training/Competing in agility, conformation, herding, obedience
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Faerie Dream Keeper HT PT HSAs NA NAJ, #4 AKC Herding Sheltie 2006 "Hawk"
Birthday: Jan 18, 2004
Bi-Black female
Training/Competing in agility and herding
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Shelties Perform!

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